Highland Middle School

Christopher Milo visited HMS on 4 occasions.

  • Staff Meetings
  • Interruption Day
  • Student Assembly
  • Parent Meeting

Christopher has a gift of connecting with kids. His story and experiences resonated with my student body to the point that some students were moved to tears during the full school assembly. He is motivational to students. He talks about being bullied as a kid and working with Jennifer Lopez in the same sentence. The interruption day lets the kids get to know him a little before the assembly. This definitely drew kids in as you could hear a pin drop though the full school assembly.

In my implementation I felt that the staff meeting was too far in front of the Interruption Day and Assembly. It lost a little momentum with the staff prior to his visit with the kids. The staff meeting was still positive.

I didn’t feel that Christopher connected or delivered as much to the parents as I expected – although after the student assembly I may have been expecting too much.

His title “13 Messages from Milo” were posted but not really talked about by him. We as a staff have found ways to incorporate that into our PBIS.

If you are looking for someone to do more than just give a motivational speech, he is your guy. Kids and parents connect with him through technology and he will respond to them. He helps kids realize the good they have inside themselves and encourages them to achieve/do more than they have. His program gives you building blocks to grow from in different areas of the school

For me and my school, it was money well spent

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