Cloverleaf Middle School

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to share with you the impact that Christopher Milo has had on Cloverleaf Middle School. I was first introduced to Christopher in the Fall of 2014 (my first year as principal of CMS). He served as the keynote speaker at the Medina County Middle School Leadership Conference that our School Resource Officer, Deputy Dave Pries and our Prevention Specialist, Brandi Miracle attended.

Upon seeing Christopher at this event, Deputy Pries and Mrs. Miracle set up a meeting to share his message with me. Knowing my vision for Cloverleaf Middle School was to change the attitudes and culture of the staff and students, they felt Christopher’s energy and passion could provide the spark to ignite the change.

I met and talked with Christopher on multiple occasions before building what has become a close relationship. It was important to me that Christopher clearly understood my expectations of him and his program. I shared with him that I was in search of a long lasting program, not a flash in the pan one-day assembly. I needed his program to be a “living” thing within our building culture. Upon feeling that he understood my high level of expectation, we began moving forward with our planning.

I am very happy that he accepted the challenge. Cloverleaf Middle School has benefitted greatly from Christopher’s program. We are in the second year of this relationship, and looking forward to many more.

There are many things that I appreciate about Christopher and his 13 Messages. Christopher has a passion for children and helping them to overcome life’s many challenges.

Christopher possesses a remarkable presence and energy level that is contagious at CMS. He visits with students and talks with them about their classes, extra curricular activities, and is always offering positive statements that give life to his 13 messages.

As we are completing our second year of Christopher’s program at CMS, we are working with him more and more. We are currently hanging banners of his 13 messages throughout our building; we have developed positive behavior cards that staff issues to students and colleagues for living out the 13 Messages. This past November, he invited our School Choir to participate in his Veterans’ Day Concert in Independence, Ohio. He has visited our art classroom, on his own time, to participate in lessons. He has also performed a concert for our building during lunchtime.

Christopher is living up to my expectations and I could not be happier for our students and staff. We have had a significant change in culture and Christopher has been a large part of that change. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Christopher that will create and sustain a true community of caring for our students and staff at CMS!


Brian Madigan

Principal, Cloverleaf Middle School