Self Inventory Evaluation

Throughout my journey from school to school, I ask students from grades 5-8 to tell me their definition of “Daily Self Inventory”. Most students this age have no idea what this means. In summary, it is a review of your day. My question is this. How can we learn and grow as individuals or families, if we are not asking ourselves questions about our day? It is very easy to point the finger at someone else to identify opportunities before we look at our own thoughts and actions. This motivated me to write 10 questions for this exercise.

During every school visit, students tell me all the issues they have in school. One of the main issues students tell me is, “Drama”. After a few role plays and extended conversation, the students realize if they were having conversations like we have in my school visits and answering these types of questions daily, they would be 90% more aware of their OWN thoughts and actions and most likely, the drama would not exist. The students would not be causing the drama! This is the beginning of a fresh perspective in your daily life and hopefully eliminating the self absorption our communities are infested with.

Most households do not practice this. The countless students I have met have made this very clear. I encourage you to review these questions. This includes parents and children of all ages. Where can you improve? After you have practiced this for 4 weeks, can you guess what the results would be? You tell me! I look forward to hearing from you!

Download my inventory sheet here: