Remember Those Who Fought For Our Independence

In our hearts you remained always. The tears we wept, kept you close. The prayers we prayed filled our days with hope. And here you are today and here we are with arms open wide, to welcome you with such pride.

It is time to take your boots off and put your weapons down. Embrace the ones that matter the most, your family, friends and your hometown. A hero’s welcome, today is your day.

Today we give thanks to you, for all that you did to protect the innocent with such valor and perseverance. Thank you for being the brave and the strong, and thank you for fighting for what our nation believes in. Thank you for putting yourselves first so that we remain safe and our country free. We will forever be grateful for all the men and women who make it possible to believe in peace and harmony. So today, embrace your loved ones family and friends. Welcome home soldiers, welcome home!

Christopher Milo