January 30th – Wadsworth United Methodist Church – Plan To Attend!

WADSWORTH, Ohio — For the last decade, motivational speaker, author and renowned concert pianist, Christopher Milo, has been transforming and inspiring students across northeast Ohio and beyond with his 13 Messages from Milo.

While in the schools, the kids are very open with him, telling him heartbreaking stories. Christopher’s hope is to start helping equip parents to engage with their children.

“Parents need to hear what their childrens’ hearts are feeling, ‘my daddy doesn’t play ball with me,’ or ‘my mom does drugs, is she a bad person?’ I feel I am being called to something more in the community of Wadsworth, but there is no way I can do it alone.”

On Tuesday, January 30, Christopher will host an open meeting for parents and their children at Wadsworth United Methodist Church (located at 195 Broad Street in Wadsworth) beginning at 6 p.m.

Christopher hopes to bring the community together to discuss solutions related to drugs/alcohol, suicide solutions and more. He will also offer up ways parents can be more engaged with their kids and teach them how to role play to better prepare their children to say no.

“Someone needs to lovingly help parents,” Christopher said. “If we don’t, there will continue to be more suicides, more disappointment and more little boys and girls who have parents disengaged.”

Christopher Milo: 330-418-6616
Email: cmilo@christophermilo.com
On the Web: http://www.christophermilo.com/