Follow-up From Springfield High School

sf_logoI often see a common denominator with every leadership conference, assembly or school I have had the privilege to visit. Students have this thunder inside of them to do great things but are afraid of rejection, being bullied or made fun of.

I received a response from a student who I will call Cindy (Not her real name).  If it wasn’t for students like her, our schools would never improve, our society would never have common goals, there would be no Leaders, no Heroes and no Role Models. We the people as a nation – the people of the world would be at great defeat.

I have never been to a school that was perfect. I have never met a family that was perfect. However, it takes one idea, one person to stand up and fight for the passion they have inside their heart to make a change in the world. This can and will create a chain reaction. Others will realize they can jump on board without fear in there hearts, or they can try to survive swimming with the sharks the rest of the way. Everyone should stand up together and show one another unconditional love. Let’s do it together “DON’T WALK ON ME”….”WALK WITH ME.” H.E.L.P.M

“Dear Christopher Milo,

My name is Cindy. I am from Springfield High School. I talked to you recently at the Student Leadership Conference about the problem in our school with getting people involved in clubs and activities and the idea about you coming to one of our Spartan Periods.  I wanted to talk to you about this issue I’ve been having because I feel like you could help, and you are a genuine person I could come to.

I have all these great ideas I want to do for charity, but I have a problem with executing them, such as: hosting a 5k, end of the school field day, and writing a children’s book and reading it to children patients. I know the steps I need to take to accomplish such things, but I’m scared of failure. I don’t know how to get the courage to get started and get people involved. I don’t want people to make fun of me or think it is stupid and then no one participate. I have kind of been holding back due to this. I also want to bring the school together and get more people to join and support one another, but I find this very hard to do. Do you have any insight?

“I very much appreciate it and you coming to talk to us today.”

After receiving Cindy’s letter, I promptly responded with the following:

Cindy,  I have the utmost amount of respect for you and your great inspiration to inspire and motivate others. Your are a leader!! This is what I call COURAGE! Well done Miss Cindy!  Never fear of failure. We all must have failure in life to succeed. Always learn from your failures and know in your heart that next time you will correct your faults and do it better each time. Never give up on your dreams and goals in life, no matter how many times you might fail, get back up and be a leader as you are now, and you will be a great success, guaranteed.

The bigger picture here is that she had the courage to speak up! Did I listen? After a meeting with the school principal, guidance counselors and other members of the student body, followed by a meeting at a local coffee house, we have an entire year worth of things planned!

Step One: Have the courage to say something like Miss Cindy did! Step your game up.
Step Two: Say it to someone who will listen…..if they don’t….EMAIL ME…I will listen!
Step Three: Make time to do something about it…I promise it will be worth it!

My hope is that more people will be like Miss Cindy and stand up for what they believe in and have the courage to do something about what they believe in.

I believe in Cindy and her group with my entire heart! I believe in it so much I attached my name to this brand new, never been done program! I promise you it will not be perfect!

(What did Christopher Milo just say?)

I promise you it will not be perfect, until every school chooses to be like the awesome students at Springfield High School and stand up for what they believe in and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  Keep watching for the blog posts about Springfield High School!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again during the upcoming school year!