Aktion Club Convention – Barnyard Bash!

The Medina County Aktion Club hosted the 2017 Ohio Aktion Club Convention on August 26th at the Medina County Board of DD’s Achievement Center. Many Kiwanians came together from the Medina Breakfast and Medina Evening Clubs along with dedicated Kiwanians and Circle Kers throughout Ohio to make this event a success. There were around 140 attendees at the Barnyard Bash. Thanks for the Kiwanians for the donations and help. Also, thank you to the advisors, caregivers, and Kiwanians who made it possible for members to attend the event.

Guest speaker, Christopher Milo, inspired Aktion Club members with his “13 Messages from Milo” that are embodied in good character. Christopher was able to reach Aktion Club members through his Mohawk, kind heart, entertainment, interaction, and powerful message. To learn more about Milo, visit www.christophermilo.com. Members were so inspired and excited about Christopher Milo, they flocked to get his autograph and purchase his book. 

In addition to workshops for officers and members, attendees learned about new service projects, participated in Barnyard Bash Games, played Bingo, and did crafts. Members and clubs participated in the annual Contests. The theme for the Speech and Poster Contests was the “Courage to Engage.” Below is a listing of the winners.

Speech – Michelle Boyles, Hancock County Poster – Amy Gorley, Licking County T-Shirt – Alyssa Nutter, Medina County Scrapbook – Licking County 

The All Ohio E-Medina Club, lead by Tom Crawford, presented the Tom E. Crawford Service Award. The 2016-17 winner was Morrow County for their efforts in working with the military to provide Christmas gifts.

New this year was the “Awesome Aktion Club Member.” To earn this recognition, members had to participate in three service projects, 2 club meetings, and 1 special event like a fundraiser or Kiwanis meeting. Eleven members were awarded “Awesome Aktion Club Members.” 

Clubs also received recognition for participation in donating pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House and in donating books for the First Family Project. Aktion Club members are busy! They love participating in these projects (and succeed as seen by my SUV that was stuffed with pop tabs).

While we are excited about the attendance and the great time that attendees had, we would like to see more clubs and individuals participate in the contests. Information about the contest are always available at www.aktionclub.org.

Looking to next year, if your Kiwanis and/or Aktion Club would like to host the Aktion Club Convention, please contact me so we can consider the opportunity. I think it can be a very rewarding experience for your Kiwanis Club.

Jennifer Weinberg
Aktion Club Administrattor