A Life Lesson Full of Inspiration


  1. In life you learn that time does heal the pain you have felt. It becomes a memory. It will always remain with you, but it doesn’t hurt as bad.
  2. In life you learn that the most asked question is why.
  3. In life as you grow older, you will laugh when the younger say they wish they were as old as you.
  4. In life you will learn that you are the Gate Keeper of what your future holds.
  5. In life you learn that heaven is inside each of us. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.
  6. In life you learn to live each day one moment at a time and be thankful for whatever you have because tomorrow is never promised.
  7. In life you learn, be kind to others and they will be kind to you.
  8. In life, sometimes we let the bad times rob us of our memories of all the good times.  The past is forever gone, live in the moment. LOVE LIFE AND YOURSELF!!
  9. In life I have learned that when I feel the loneliest all I have to do is open my eyes and look around and see the world in front of me, and I realize no one should ever be lonely.
  10. In life you will learn how important it is to be good to yourself and to love yourself.
  11. Demand respect and never settle for less. Respect others and one shall receive it right back.
  12. In life you will learn to take opportunities and to learn as you grow. Knowledge is a gift for everyone.
  13. In life you will learn what’s important and what’s not. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let your worries go.
  14. In life you will learn everyone has choices. Strive to be the best person you can be and you will be rewarded with the best reward of all. You will be loved, always!
  15. In life you will learn that when you feel you can’t walk another step, simply kneel, look at heaven within yourself and sing with passion in your heart, and say the words with love. Try it!… I did.