What are the 13 Messages?

What are the 13 Messages?

“The birth of the 13 messages came from the past thirty years of real world experiences shaping my thoughts to help create real life solutions. Every business has its challenges, every educational system has concerns and every home is not perfect. why?  I’ll tell you, because each one of these foundations starts with great people; and not all people are great.  When I was a little boy, i was the kid that could not kick the ball and always picked last on the playground. I was made fun of for being kind and for treating others with respect.  Respect and kindness, that is the way I was raised and that is all i knew.  In my experience over the last several decades, I have witnessed first-hand the negativity between employer/employee relations and the lack of leadership between a management team and employees.”

The “13 messages from Milo” are character counts that I teach to businesses, universities and schools. Inspired by real life experiences, it is my belief that if we all spent more time on the “13 Messages From Milo”, we would spend less time on texting horrible messages, posting inappropriate posts on today’s social media outlets and we might be less judgmental. Simply speaking, we have happier places to work, live and go to school.

  • Be positive
  • Be genuine
  • Accept
  • Love one another
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Work together
  • Be curious
  • Inspire
  • Coach
  • Use your talents
  • Be creative
  • Trust

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